martedì 13 aprile 2010

JDownloader Click'N'Load on Ubuntu Karmic

JDownloader is a terrific Java software to simplify downloading files from One-Click-Hosters like or These sites allow us to upload any kind of file that can be downloaded by other users. If the file size exceeds the allowed limit, the data are splitted into a lot of parts, zipped and uploaded to the hosters. If we don't have a Premium Account, we have to download one part at time. Click'N'Load is a JDownloader's built-in technology to downloading a container file that lists the different parts. Installing Click'N'Load on Windows is pretty simple. On Ubuntu we have to install it by ourself:

Download the Linux/Mac Installer/Starter, open it and change the path to the Installation folder, make it executable with the terminal command:

 stefano@SERVER:~$ chmod +x

and run it. This file will download the latest Jdownloader.
Now, what we wanna do is add some protocols to Firefox to handle Click'N'Load.
On Linux/MAC, some needed protocols are not controlled by the OS. If you are using Firefox, you may add the protocols by ourself:
  1. Open Firefox advanced configs by typing “about:config” in the address bar.
  2. Right click –>new: create the following entries for each protocol:
    1. Replace PATH_TO_SCRIPT with the path to First Line is String
    2. Second Line is Boolean
  3.  Restart JDownloader = PATH_TO_SCRIPT/
 network.protocol-handler.external.jd=true = PATH_TO_SCRIPT/
 network.protocol-handler.external.jdlist=true = PATH_TO_SCRIPT/
 network.protocol-handler.external.ccf=true = PATH_TO_SCRIPT/
 network.protocol-handler.external.rsdf=true = PATH_TO_SCRIPT/