lunedì 3 gennaio 2011

One year old

The 50th post is all dedicated to the first birthday of this blog. One year ago I started writing this little diary with no expectation, but in the hope to give back to internet a bit of what I was in receipt of. How many times do we earn money, create something or fix problems simply browsing the internet? We digit our keywords and someone somewhere helps us. The idea was to be the nth someone, one of many, to expand that marvelous microcosm of the internet community, the best form of cohabitation I have never seen, even though it's not free from problems. So I hope not to have written too much crap.
I don't want to miss the opportunity to thank the visitors ( I didn't expect so many ) and who took the trouble to mail me. Thanks a lot.
This post is planned for January, 3rd 2011 and it isn't too late to wish you a happy new year.

Best regards.