giovedì 31 marzo 2011

MEM's Max2Maya - Maya viewport navigation in 3Ds Max

It's very uncomfortable to switch between Maya and Max because of the different viewport navigation styles. Depending on the project I'm working on, I like to choose between Maya and Max or rather use both of them. Unfortunately, if I work with one of two softwares intensely, it's quite difficult to go back to the other one, because I'm prone to use the last navigation style. As said here, I prefer Maya navigation style because it's fast, logic and easy to remember.
MEM's Max2Maya solved my problem smartly.
MEM's Max2Maya "is basically an alternate viewport navigation inside 3ds Max that tries to mimic maya's Alt + Click viewport navigation to some extent". Essentially MEM's Max2Maya is an excellent, free alternative of Switcher for 3ds Max, a commercial solution by digitalRaster.
I thought to use autohotkey to achieve the same result using a script like this one, but MEM's Max2Maya works fine with 3ds Max 2011 Subscription Advantage Pack, so why wasting time? 
MEM's Max2Maya will install a global hook to supervise mouse and keyboard inputs and send them back to Max.

Best regards.

venerdì 4 marzo 2011

LayoutTools 2011 on Maya Subscription Advantage Pack 2011

If you install this piece of software, you could notice that LayoutTools 2011 (formerly LevelTools) Documentation won't work. To fix the problem we have to open LT_generalProc.mel, search for global proc LT_help() and replace this string




Best regards.